The Dirty Truth

My house. Oh yes, this is the reality of my life. My husband is a stay at home dad. Bless this man, because sometimes between the MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MAMAAAA moments, the tantrums, and the constant repeating of the same sentences from my boys, I lose my mind a little. But this man keeps up with those crazy monkeys, the dishes, the laundry, makes sure our trash cans make it to the curb each week, and keeps our plants outside alive. To be honest, he carries a heavy load, and that makes me feel a little inadequate with my contributions sometimes.

After working, I tend to spend the evening with the kids, we both handle dinner time and coordinate bath time/bedtime routine. After that I am spent and don’t have the energy to clean. My house gets picked up each night from toys and dinner but I can’t tell you when I last routinely cleaned. It has been that survival mode of cleaning when something is in a state of “I can’t stand this”.

This is a goal of mine for 2018 now that the pregnancies are over. I don’t think I will ever reach the level of clean my mother in law has, but I do know I can improve. Today I swept and steamed the floors in the downstairs of our home while baby napped and the boys played their tablets for an hour. The whole time I thought to myself “wow these baseboards need cleaning, so much paint needs touching up, this grout is awful, look at these finger prints on the stove and microwave”. One thing at a time… one day I plan to not notice these things because I am keeping up with them. For now, this is real life. My floor is clean today, despite the legos and other toys all over our house. Gotta start somewhere…94CE7D61-3801-4791-A569-E723A04C0CA3

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