The Annoying Clutter

Being home on maternity leave, I noticed the little clutter that used to annoy me was starting to drive me crazy. The kitchen countertops seem to accumulate broken toys that need attempted repairing, charging cords, electronics, and even our kids sunglasses ended up there somehow. I wanted a way to keep our most frequently used things in order without the kitchen looking like a mess. But how?

I went on a mission to find a wooden mail sorter (you can find it Here) and a USB power strip (Here) to fix the electronics issue. I set it up, twisty tied the excess cords behind the box, and made a little decal to finish it up. Now the electronics can be stored in one place and charged if needed!

Next up was hat and sunglasses organization because these just went everywhere… I got a piece of wood from Walmart, stained it and added cabinet knobs and some picture hanger hooks. Now these are nearly hanging in the laundry room and NOT on my countertop!

How do you organize? Have you DIY’ed anything to fit your unique needs?

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