Picture Perfect

Who here has more than one child but only pictures of their first born around the house? I am on #3 and am so guilty of this. I made it my mission to fix this problem now while I am home on maternity leave because I know once I go back to work it will slip my mind again. The worst part? I actually have prints here in the house that just need frames!

So like most of us, I am also on a tight budget since we are a single income household… even frames at Walmart are expensive. This is probably why these pictures haven’t gotten out on a shelf by now.

I decided to go to the dollar tree and grab a few frames. Honestly, they may feel light and cheap but sitting on a shelf they look great! Another stop I made was Goodwill. Did you know that at least one Saturday a month there is a 50% off day? I got a bunch of frames that I can paint and hang for 2.99-3.99 with 50% off. I walked out of there with at least 10 frames and only paid 17 dollars! Some of them I am going to paint and use vinyl for my brother’s nursery as well as my best friend’s nursery. That will be a future post to share my progress on them!

This is the final product, representation of all my beautiful children in our dining room! These glass showcase cabinets came from Ikea a few years ago!

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