What’s for Dinner?

Being home on leave, I find our days can somewhat blur together… it is Sunday, right? I used to meal prep freezer meals for the crock pot before getting pregnant with our latest little and I loved it until it seemed like we were eating the same meals too frequently. I still love to use the crock pot but I have been getting our ingredients to keep on hand so I can assemble a meal that day instead of putting hours into prep and freeze time. One day when we can have a chest freezer I may return to the frozen meal prep life, but it’s hard to do with our side by side style freezer/fridge.

So, now we have food around but we have to think ahead on what to make, otherwise it is 4pm and everything is still frozen and we are making sandwiches for dinner. Or pizza. Again.

Also, we are on a budget so we are trying to use up what we have before reloading our freezer with cuts. As of today we are getting close to slim pickings in there. In a simple conversation with my husband today, we picked our meals for the week, planning to use up most of what we have left. Instant relief on the “what will I whip together on a whim” anxiety I have been feeling.

It felt so good to have a plan that I actually wrote it down on a chalk board we have in the dining room. Instant plan! I am definitely doing this going forward. It also will help keep me honest with what day of the week it is.

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