Vanity Brush-holder DIY

This year, I am truly focused on decluttering and reduced spending (aren’t many of us). Part of the reduced spending is doing minimal and thoughtful gifts to family. I recycled a candlestick holder (declutter point!) and used three dollar store glass candle holders to make my mom a set of makeup/brush holders for her new vanity. My mom’s resolution this year was to focus on herself as she approaches another age milestone and was so excited to purchase a desk for a space to do her hair and makeup daily.

I am shipping these beauties tomorrow and since I used glitter and modge podge I already had, this only cost me a few bucks! I did have to buy triple thick gloss to coat the inside of the glasses but now I have plenty for future projects. I plan on a gold and rose gold version for myself at a future time.

To make these, I applied matte modge podge on the inside and coated in the glitter of my choice. I did the colors a layer at a time, letting a layer dry completely before brushing the extra glitter off and using a new coat of modge podge and glitter. I did two coats of each glitter color so it wasn’t too sheer. When the glitter was done, I did one layer of triple thick gloss and let dry for 24 hours!

I used my silhouette to design and cut the vinyl for a finishing touch, and used glass adhesive to attach the candle stick and glass candle holder.

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