Nursery Gifts

While I spend this year focusing on spending less, I still want to gift thoughtful and meaningful things. My brother is expecting his first child, and so is my best friend who went through IVF to conceive with her husband. I know how much both of these deserving families wanted and waited for these boys, and I wanted to put something special together for them.

I am still working on these projects, both families are due at the end of May/early June. I collected several frames from Goodwill during a 50% off Saturday. They each cost me less than 2 dollars! I gave them a fresh coat (or 3) of spray paint, and I am fitting them with paper I already had on hand. Once they are done I will use my silhouette to cut some vinyl designs for the front.

Using some creativity I took a Pinterest idea of a pennant flag and cut/liquid stitched some flour sack cotton kitchen towels… I will be ironing heat transfer vinyl on these and using twine tied to the dowel to finish it off.

I am working on some reverse canvases too that I first spray painted with clear gloss spray paint so my oracle 651 will stick nicely to it once I put the designs on…

I am working on my first “hot mess” canvas that I will layer a vinyl design on and then paint over in a solid color. Once done, you peel up the vinyl to show your pattern.

And finally I am making these wood hanging name boards too.

So while my posting has been quiet, I have been busy! I will show off the progress of these items as I finish them. I can’t wait to gift these!

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