Little by little

So I wish I had a cool update of the nursery projects I am working on but even though I am home on maternity leave right now, I have very little opportunity to craft. Most of my projects are done in stages, so first stage was spray painting frames. I broke it down by colors per day and had a few interruptions in my schedule with rain and household sickness. For now, I finally have all the paint prep finished, and I moved onto the vinyl designs. I spend a little time on designing and then I try to cut the vinyl by colored sheets.

Yesterday my husband took the boys outside to play for a bit, I managed to get out all my things and cut out a small handful of my designs. I still have several more sheets to cut before weeding and applying them. None of these handmade craft projects are quick… but the end result is so worth it.

For now, welcome to my work in progress…

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