Vinyl on Canvas

There are two techniques to applying vinyl to canvas… using HTV or heat transfer vinyl and Oracle 651 using a clear or colored gloss coat of spray paint on your canvas before application. With HTV you use heat like an iron or a heat press to adhere the vinyl to your fabric. Two things I consider with this method is that HTV is more expensive, and if you use siser easyweed with a clear transfer sheet you need to cut with that glossy side down on your cutting mat AND mirror all your cuts (so they cut backwards) or your image will be opposite of your intention… words won’t be legible that way.

I have more variety of color vinyl in oracle 651 so for my work around I spray painted a clear gloss coat on my canvas, cut my vinyl like I normally would (my ideal settings for my cameo 2 are blade 3, speed 1, force 6). You do not mirror with this type of vinyl.

I am working on a reverse canvas technique so I am not finished yet. I have to stain the frames and then reattach the canvas with staples… but here is my progress so far. Vinyl sticked like a charm!

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