Pirate Bash

Today is a throwback to my first son’s first birthday. I think my favorite part of being a parent is seeing my kid’s faces on Christmas morning and on their birthday party morning! For this party, we went all out for a Pirate party, complete with swords and tattoos. He is 4 now, it is amazing to see how much he has grown since this day!

This post will have tons of pictures!

Some decor I ordered from Oriental Trading:

Gold coins, swords/eye patches, skull flag, fishing net, paper treasure boxes, black treasure boxes, pirate face masks, tattoos, skull stickers, and pirate rubber duckies.

Some decor I made using my silhouette software. Most of the paper designs were from the silhouette design store or basic text. The pirate flags were hot glued to tooth picks to make them as cupcake toppers. The pirate ship’s flags were glued to a dowel that I put into the top of the cake. I used vinyl for the high chair decal and the treasure chest name.

I used an anchor and a thank you stamp, and used silver embossing powder to make the “thank you” on the black treasure chest raised. I used 3D puffy paint for the gold dots on the chests, and filled this with little pirate Knick knacks including pirate rubber duckies and gold coins for the kids.

The pirate ship was an old toy from my husband growing up and that was the centerpiece for our grub table. The Jake characters were purchased at Walmart along with the party hats. The wooden treasure chest was from Michaels and I painted it in gold and then gold shimmer acrylic paints, then added some jewels and his name as a final touch using vinyl.

For food we had 6 foot subs (one of our party favs!), cannon balls (cheese balls), mini cupcakes, a salad, lots of cake, and a treasure chest full of candy “treasures”!

All in all it was a ton of fun and a memory I will enjoy looking back on forever.

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