Dresser Makeover

This is a fun DIY to add a little custom personality to a room in your home. I have had this dresser for 5 years and have used it in each of our children’s nursery to hold all the blankets and burp clothes that they have. I definitely got my 35 dollars worth with this IKEA purchase! You can find it Here.

I have repurposed this twice now, it was originally for my boys and now it is used for my daughter. Honestly, this will probably go in our house somewhere once she doesn’t want it anymore, I love it that much.

All this took was a little leftover wall paint, some fabric, liquid stitch, silver spray paint, and glitter silver spray paint.

The best fabric in my opinion is a thicker canvas like fabric. It’s more durable and it’s less likely to pull.

First I pulled all the drawers off, sat the drawer front side down and cut my fabric so it would be big enough to fit the face of the drawer. Next I used liquid stitch across the whole inside top of the front of the drawer, pulled the fabric down and used clothes pins to hold it in place every two inches. I did this on the sides and bottom too.

Spray a coat of silver on the knobs, wait a half hour and spray a coat of glitter on them too.

Reassemble, decorate, and Ta-da! Easy!

And here is what it looked like before the “remodel”:

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