The Truth about PostPartum

I am writing this right after finding another clump of hair on my kitchen floor. I have experienced this 3 times now and so I figure why not share my thoughts on the aftermath of pregnancy and delivery.

  • Nurses will be in and out of your room to check on you and see how your bleeding is and walk you to the bathroom. You won’t even mind.
  • You will most likely leave the hospital with a baby belly. Not a full term one, but maybe a 5 month one.
  • You loose the biggest chunk of weight in the first week. I lost 17 lbs of the 30 I gained this time! It is exciting and left me thinking wow the rest is going to slide right off. Wrong.
  • Breastfeeding is HARD. Not all babies latch well or some have ties. Your nipples will get sore and raw and they may bleed. You may want to quit every time you feed. It does get better! About 2 weeks in with my first it was not so bad. By a month it was no big deal. My subsequent kids didn’t cause me discomfort worth nursing even from the beginning. I have nipples of steal at this point.
  • Not everyone can breastfeed. Some just don’t have the supply, some need medication for their health, and some need to stop for their own reasons or baby intolerances. FED is BEST. You do you mama and screw those who don’t agree.
  • Breastfeeding (and having all that room in your belly again) will leave you ravishing hungry. All. The. Time.
  • Having a baby attached to you all the time will leave you forgetting to eat. A lot.
  • You will bleed for about 2 or 3 weeks. Then you will spot for a few more. Then if you are lucky like me, you will get your first period two weeks after it all stops.
  • Intimacy once you are cleared is terrifying (the first time for me anyway). Take your time. It does get better and it will return to normal!
  • Your hormones really do bounce all over. Be gentle on yourself and tell your significant other how you are feeling. It should even out. If it doesn’t after a few weeks, tell your doctor. If you have dangerous thoughts of harming yourself or baby, call your doctor ASAP. It’s not your fault and there is medication to help.
  • You can steadily lose weight, even breastfeeding, by watching your calories. This is super tricky because you need enough to sustain yourself but not consume too many. My ideal total is 1900 a day. (I love using My Fitness Pal for this!)
  • Not all people are able to lose the “last ten pounds” while breastfeeding.
  • Remember your luscious locks of hair during pregnancy? It will start to fall out. In clumps. You will think you are going to be bald… it doesn’t get that bad, but you will have some annoying baby hairs for a while once it grows back in.
  • My hair started falling out about 4 months PP for my first two kids. 2 months for my 3rd.
  • Sleep will be tough, but it will get better and you will sleep again (usually about the time you may decide for another child)
  • Any type of workout or fitness routine will be rough. Even if you were super active during pregnancy, there are muscles and joints that just carried another human for 9 months. Be gentle on yourself and it will get better.

And finally, you will be an awesome Mom. You will have a connection and an instinct that comes naturally. You will be your baby’s superhero and that first intentional smile is going to light up your life. Congratulations on your perfect little person!

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