Spider Man Canvas Art

Last night as I was putting my 4 year old to bed he asked if I could make him another Spider Man picture for his wall, but one with just his face. One of his favorite pictures in his room is a large canvas of spider man I painted when he was turning 3. It took a lot of layering and spray paint, and I had to go over the black outline lines after spraying to get it just right but it was a lot of fun to make for him. Knowing that he treasures it means everything to me!

The corner webs are silver glitter (who says a boy can’t have a little shine?) and the web behind him is metallic silver.

I actually traced this off an internet image with my silhouette software!

I also did the same technique on a smaller scale for other superheroes for his walls. While I know I mixed Marvel and DC Conics, these are all heroes he loves.

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