Glue-gun Holder

Ever have your hot glue-gun drip on a surface and pull up some of the finish? I really dislike having little glue droplets stuck to everything, not to mention that my glue gun always wants to tip over as I am crafting… and where the heck did my glue sticks go?!

I saw this concept posted in a craft group on Facebook and decided I needed this in my life. All it took was a little serving/dipping dish from “The Pioneer Woman” line that I found at Walmart, a votive candle globe, and a round cutting board from the dollar tree. I attached all three of these with some permanent adhesive that works for glass, and let it dry fully for 24 hours before touching it. Wal-la! A 6 dollar craft to make my crafting life a little easier!

I made one for my sister-in-law too for Christmas because she is always crafting up amazing things. Finishing touch with a decal and it does the job well.

3 thoughts on “Glue-gun Holder

  1. I absolutely love this idea and I am taking it up one notch, I have an old microwave dish and I also have the dipping dishes from dt and the glass globe


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