A Super Birthday

Another walk down memory lane today. Remember the Spider-Man canvas my oldest has in his room? It was part of his 3rd birthday party! I love to get multiple uses from the birthday decor, since so much time is spent making it. After his party, a lot of this went into his new “big boy” room and we switched him from his nursery decor to a little boy’s room. Time really flies!

This post is going to be a bunch of pictures, and at the end look at how I used some decor in a photo shoot to capture the day! I know I mixed super worlds here but when your kid likes allllll the super heroes, mom puts them all in one place.

The bat signal flashlights had little Batman icons glue one the top so you could shine it on a wall and see it. The kryptonite was green rock candy, and other goodies like “pop” corn and super pops were there for the kids to enjoy too. My favorite way to decorate cakes? Cardstock cut outs that I put on the cake right before the candles!!


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