Family Art

For a long time, I stared at the empty wall above our sofa and had no idea what I wanted to put there. I knew I wanted something to represent our family, and I wanted something large enough that wouldn’t look too small on the size of the wall. With having crazy boys who love to sit on top of the couch and jump off, I also had to put something that didn’t have glass or sharp edges that could really hurt someone if it got knocked down. We don’t allow that rough play but they still try to do these things when our backs are turned.

I settled on canvas art because it is light. I had an extra large canvas from the Spider-Man project for my oldest son’s birthday, and to better fill the space I added two smaller canvas items to the wall on either side. The rolled flowers give the one canvas a 3D effect, while the brushed coral background on the other was simple and cute. I went with a gold, navy, and coral palette with a little blush and gold glitter sprinkled in on some of the rolled roses. It was the perfect touch to make our living room feel like home!

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