Missing Home

The story of how I ended up in Arizona is a bit crazy. Looking back as a parent now, I don’t really know how my parents coped with the change. I don’t ever regret that decision but 10 years later, I am looking forward to a move back to my home state. I can’t wait for having the ability to see family whenever we want. To reconnect with old friends. To have a yard and grass again. I don’t miss the snow though… never was a huge fan of that.

I moved to this state when I was 19, with my now husband and his family. It truly has been an adventure with mountains and valleys. It isn’t easy being a transplant with no family or friends close by. We have my husband’s parents and his brother’s family and that’s it. I am blessed my best friend moved to San Diego a few years ago for Navy placement with her husband, and I have made some really priceless friendships living here over the years.

In 10 years, I have learned to miss the outdoor spaces I had as a kid. The heat wears on you here, but the winters are nice. We are blessed with a home and a great job and many of these blessings may have taken longer to find if we hadn’t come out west.

I am grateful for this life and these blessings but I still miss home. I am not sure if we ever outgrow that desire of returning to where we came from. It took my dad over 20 years to return to Minnesota where he was raised. I made this wall plaque for our living room… one day we will be back here again and I know I will appreciate it so much more the second time around. I made one for my mother in law for Mother’s Day too, because I know she misses home as well.

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