Mini Belle

Tonight we are on our way to see one of my good friends in a local theatre depiction of Beauty and the Beast. My oldest is so very excited to see his favorite characters and my middle guy is a big fan of Beast. Since this is our daughter’s first time seeing a Disney princess, I wanted to dress her up for the show… I know in a few years she may love dresses… but she also may not. I will enjoy the tiny years of getting her dressed up while I know I can. I have been a boy mom for quite a while so it is fun to have a little girl to dress up now.

This is a really simple diy that doesn’t take more than an hour or two. I had some gold tulle on hand and some extra elastic so I got to work. I just did a quick measure of my daughters waist for the elastic band and measured 20 inches of tulle for the strips. It took about 35 strips of tulle around the whole band and my daughter wears 6 months clothes. You fold each strip of tulle in half and tie it. I added some gems to the bottom, hot glued a ribbon around the top, and added a blue gem to finish it off. Paired with a yellow onesie and a blue bow, she is ready to be a little princess.

Word of warning though…. if you choose to use glitter tulle it will be on everything for days! It looks amazing but it really makes a huge mess. This was why I chose to use plain tulle and add gems instead!

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