Raising my Tribe

I love this coffee tumbler makeover. I am about to head back to my full time working schedule with my maternity leave coming to a close. It’s hard to think this time at home with my whole family is going to change again… it will be back to schedules and commutes, and in a few short months my oldest will start kindergarten.

I truly love my job and the people I work with, and I do have pride and accomplishment in what I do. I am so thankful my employer adapted a new maternity and parental leave policy last year to progressively offer 6 months of family bonding time for new mothers and fathers. I am honored to be hitting a milestone of 10 years with a company that has given me opportunities to grow and constantly challenge myself. My heart truly hurts for mom’s who don’t get the bonding time off work they deserve with their babies after delivering.

I am also struggling to know that these young years with my babies are fleeting. Every word, story, trick, smile, laugh… every day changes in a wonderful and interesting way. They make me laugh, drive me crazy, frustrate me, and make my heart feel so proud and full of more joy than I could have imagined.

This is me, raising my tribe. Every imperfect moment of it. Returning to work will push me even harder to build our future. My husband works so hard at home every day to make sure these little people are fed, learning, and happy. I am proud of this family we built.

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