Happy Father’s Day

Being a parent is hard work, and definitely something to celebrate. I wanted to do something for my husband from the kids, and I have seen a lot of neat handprint ideas that are sweet and sentimental. For Mother’s Day, he picked a beautiful frame with two photo slots and used one for a picture of our three kids and the other side with their handprints stacked. Total win *cue the happy tears* from me when I saw it.

I decided to do a T-shirt for him, or as we call it, a comfy-shirt for bedtime. I used heat transfer vinyl for the lettering and fabric paint for each of our children’s hands. The fabric paint is permanent and won’t come off, and to preserve the htv we will wash it inside out on delicate. Side note: it is very hard to get a handprint of a 6 month old… a footprint would have been much easier!

In addition to this I put some pictures in frames of the kids and special moments of them with dad, and I had our boys draw cards too. I did get him one special gift, headphones for his gaming time since he always plays on a very low volume late at night or early in the morning to not wake anyone. I think most of us know that when the kids are up, the adults almost never get the tv to themselves.

Daddy, thank you putting us first every day. We love you!!!

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