It’s Luigi

Here is another throw-back post, but I am almost current on my kiddos’ birthday parties! In fact, I am about to head into “birthday season” in the Modern Mama household with my oldest next month, two months from him is my middle guy, and two months after him is my daughter’s first birthday! Phew! I can already envision all the wine I will be drinking from now until it has all been finished… just kidding! I am breastfeeding, so very little wine and lots of coffee for me.

I feel like the biggest event as mom is planning a fun birthday party. My kids talk about it all year long and change their minds 5,000 times before it gets here. Most of the time it is a last minute change of heart for them. This party was no different. My oldest went from Blaze, to Paw Patrol, to Luigi – no, NOT Mario. It had to be Luigi, with King Boo… a month before his birthday.

I will say, it was a fun theme to put together! I improvised some google images printed on photo paper to add his favorite characters to the backdrop, and when his party day came around he was very excited to see it all together. A lot of this was layered card stock and traced images from the internet that I cut and glued with the help of my silhouette. I definitely recommend the 97 cent rectangle table cloth glued to a wooden dowel trick. I use command strips on my wall, hot glue the table cloth to the dowel and hang it up. Then I hot glue my designs and it gives me a custom look just for my theme.

Enjoy the pictures! He challenged me with Mega Man for next month, so it is time for me to get to work. Yup, old school Nintendo Mega Man. Let’s see how that one turns out!

For this goodie table we had:

Peach Rings, Boo Mellows, Yoshi Eggs (white plastic Easter eggs painted with green spots and filled with jelly beans), Power cookies, Luigi’s mustache (chocolate in a mustache mold), Sour Mushrooms (candies in little mushroom tins), and Mario Fireballs (cheese curls because our local store was out of cheese balls).

We added some chocolate coins to the mix, and some goodie bags to look like Luigi’s suspenders for the take home treats! Of course, we couldn’t forget the mustaches and hats!

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