Lion Guard Defend

By two it is easy to spot things your child adores. Initially, I really wanted to plan a circus theme for my son Chase’s birthday but when we would beg to watch Lion Guard everyday, I knew I couldn’t keep this theme from him. For being a crazy energetic boy, this 45 minute animated life saver would keep him captivated the whole way through… and on those really tough days, this mama may not have stopped the dvd in time from auto-playing a second time through.

What can I say, even I don’t mind the tunes in this movie! We played the soundtrack during the party and my son had a blast. Sometimes a really mainstream theme is nice because there is less need to make it all. I used a table cloth for the backdrop here, cut out some big leaves, and layered table cloths and burlap on the table. It was bright and he loved pointing out all his favorite characters!

We had gummy worm grubs, zebra cakes and brownies, and safari print paper cones holding some kettle popcorn. I swirled red and yellow icing on the cake to make it look like a sunset and used a silhouette of a tree for the cake too.

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