He Popped the Question

Back when my best friend was planning her wedding, I wanted to throw her a beautiful and fun shower as her Matron or Honor. I really enjoyed this theme, using different forms of “pop” to bring it to life. Looking back, The last 4 years has gone so fast. She now has a beautiful baby boy of her own! Happy 4 year anniversary you two!

My best piece of advise for marriage then, and still is this: the marriages that last are the ones where both people are too stubborn to quit. Marriage is a messy and beautiful thing. I could write an entire entry on this alone… maybe that will be my next post.

This day was so much fun and it is so special to look back at these memories. It is definitely a day I will cherish!

We had ring pops in boxes, blow pop martinis, marshmallow pops, gum balls, rings on top of cupcakes, pop corn, rock candy, and some shots of course. I mixed in some Celtic symbols, and included a wishing tree for guests to leave advice and well wishes to the bride and groom too! In the tree were beads to make a bracelet with some charms to symbolize her day as a keepsake. As always, there are a ton of pictures below!

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