Sending Love

As much as I love crafting and creating, I seldom get to send gifts of hand made goodies to my family out of state. I started working on some sport bottles for my sisters who run track over the summer in hopes I could have them ready when they came in for a visit, but I ran out of time to finish everything… I made a 20 oz tumbler for my dad’s wife, and a 30 ounce tumbler for my grandma too. Each one was a project of love, playing with different techniques to get different looks. I finally got to ship these out last week. Life has been a bit crazy, and crafting has slowed down for me a lot.

My oldest sister got a black sport bottle that looked sophisticated and fun with peekaboo blue glitter and some chunky glitter on the bottom. She is very skilled in running, something I wish I could do well with.

My youngest sister got a glitter swirl with different shades of blue to complement her favorite color aqua marine. She has been studying the drums and is very good with them so I added a kit for her.

My dad’s wife has the title “Abuela” with our kids, Spanish for Grandma. Her tumbler was feminine with a peekaboo heart, hand painted roses, and a glitter top coat for a subtle sparkle.

My grandma got a coral and mint colored tumbler inspired by her bedroom decor from when I would visit growing up. She had mint and peach colors which complemented each other so beautifully. Accents of opal butterflies and some chunky iridescent glitter on the bottom with a few added hexagons of silver and blue gave an added element of shine.

The best part of crafting is gifting creations to others who will love and cherish them. I hope these gifts bring a smile to people that I love from so far away. The distance never gets easier.

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