Young Jedi You Are

This last weekend we hosted a galaxy themed party for our youngest boy, who just happens to love spaceships and BB8. This Star Wars Super-fan had a blast with inflatable light-sabers, some masks of his favorite good and bad guys, and lots of BB8 talk (me moop, we yah).

When our oldest turned three, it was a point where we what he loved. I made some big boy room decorations that we put out for his birthday and then added to his room after. It was a big pivotal time to take his room from a nursery to a space truly his style and interests. I knew I had to do that again with our middle guy. Three is such a fun age!

Since BB8 started our birthday boy’s interest in Star Wars, he was the focal point of the day… but he also had his enemy counterpart BB9E to represent the dark side too.

I kept the day simple with homemade art. The most fun part was baking the BB8 shapes cake and seeing his reaction to it! He loved every bit of his space party.

We had red and blue chocolate covered pretzel light-sabers… powdered doughnut stores troopers, thermal detonator milk duds, Han rolos, Ewok treat teddy grams, Princess Leia sticky buns and some BB8 and bb9e cake. Check it all out below!!

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