New Year, New Focus

Isn’t this what we do each year? Usually it’s a physical commitment… diet better, exercise more. The last few years have weighed heavy on me-transitioning from infertility to being a first time mom, expanding to a second child, and then having a surprise third addition. It’s been 5 years of babies, breastfeeding, figuring out balance with work and life. Finding myself, finding new passions… learning how to literally multi-task everything. Having moments of triumph, and lowering my expectations for keeping a house clean. It’s been a voyage, and it has been hard. My marriage has been pushed in many ways because suddenly with a child it’s not about us anymore. Add a second child and our time is even more limited, and by three – who am I going to find that is able to watch these three for a real date night? It just doesn’t happen.

But through the hard moments, we found beauty too. We watched our children learn how to love each other and rely on each other. We watched three new personalities grow and shine. We watched their academic growth and intelligence sore. We took a house and made it a home with rooms overflowing with toys and crafts and stuff that wasn’t just for us.

2018 was a good year, but it challenged my husband and I. I’m not upset to see it go. I have great memories to look back on, but better memories to look forward too. In 2019, modern mama and modern daddy have some big, big changes coming… and so this chapter will be fresh and new. Our children aren’t babies anymore, this season is changing and sometimes change is good.

So for me, this year is about shifting my focus. I want to put more faith in things being what they are meant to be (those who know me know how ridiculous I can be about planning and details). I want to work hard but play hard too. It’s time to declutter-everything from our home to my mind. I want to focus on the positives, on seeking simple joy, on my marriage, on our children. I want to focus on being mentally and emotionally strong so I can be that for my family, and that takes self-love too.

2019 has many things that we are looking forward to. I can’t wait to see everything it has in store.

Be safe and seek your own joy too.

Xoxo, Brittany

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