Hi, I’m Brittany. A modern woman empowered with a 4 year degree, a career I am proud of, and 3 kids… I am navigating some unfamiliar waters with my husband and I now being out numbered.Why am I writing a blog? As a millennial, I find myself in constant survival mode. It started when we had our first born and I found myself balancing the demands of parenthood, a career, and Pinterest expectations. How do these women manage a house hold, keep their families fed, throw epic parties, and hold down a demanding job and make it look so effortless on social media? Hey, maybe to some people I am one of those women… let me assure you, those moments squeezing in time to craft something for the house or a birthday party come with cutting out time to sleep or using a favorite tv show to occupy my boys. I want a place to be real. A place to share my struggles and triumphs. In all seriousness, I craft for my sanity.A little about my family: I have two boys who are always on the verge of sending each other (or themselves) to the emergency room. It is amazing how much high energy these two have coupled with their constant desire to love on or drive each other crazy. There is no in-between. Our newest addition, a daughter, joined us in December 2017. Amazingly, all our kiddos are 26 months apart from the next. I am a mom trying to find a way to care for the house, make memories, financially provide, and somehow maintain my sanity in these early years of parenthood.